Aching with snap-crackle-pop boom-bap, here's 'Simple Song' by new arrivals, Prelow. The duo (from what we can gather) from New York have created a smooth shuffling track, graced with glossy bass and pop-harmony vocals – a sunny day song that you can already equate to the blue-sky feel of summer, window-gazing at the sights and sounds of the most glorious of seasons.

Liquid guitar ripples with heat-haze distortion and thin shoegaze sensibilities throughout, giving way to distorted melodious solo at the end, mingling with wobbling stutter synth and that insatiable clank of a beat. Coming after their only other track, 'One For The Team' – a psychedelic doo-wop hip hop slow jam – it's another strong offering, and one that we hope is a sign of more things to follow.

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