Two years ago, we posted about folk-punk artist Dan Faughdner who goes by the moniker Sledding With Tigers when he came out with his song 'The 405 (Is For Lovers?!)'. Today, to prove to you that it wasn't a fluke we posted about the song because it has our name in it (and because it's an outstanding track), we're bringing you the premiere of his latest, 'High Waisted Shorts'.

If you, much like myself, had a point in your youth where bands like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Saves the Day, and Thursday were the definitive soundtrack, then you should appreciate what Faughdner says is the meaning behind the song quite well - "This is a song about infatuation and wanting to kiss every girl who's ever had a Dashboard Confessional phase." Reminiscent of a more emotional Frank Turner or Rob Lynch, it's a heartfelt and anthemic song with a bit of a southern twang, it has the kind of chorus you could see friends in bars yelling their hearts out to while remaining gorgeous all the while courtesy of a beautiful strings section.

The song is a cut from his forthcoming album Not the Beatles Yet, which is a collection of some of his most well-loved songs, rarities, and songs from his early years as a musician. It'll be pressed on vinyl through Antique Records on 27 January and is limited to 300 copies, and available to pre-order now in two variants - rainbow splatter and classic black!

Listen below.

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