Two days before the release of his debut LP Company, Newcastle native Slime (aka Will Archer) has put the impressive debut in all its beauty up on his website. The collection of ten tracks - which was whittled down from a whopping 400 produced over a two-year period - showcases Archer's incredible ability to meld synths, horns, and vocals to hypnotic effect.

And no doubt, the pièce de résistance of the impressive collection is 'Hot Dog'. Music in its most seductive form - the four-minute masterpiece is an ode to slow jams, sex music, and '90s R&B all wrapped into one. What's there not to like?!

Comparisons to a certain Jai Paul have been rife and will no doubt continue but with 'Hot Dog' - it may soon be Jai Paul who's getting compared to Slime. Yes - it's that good. Listen below.