Only having learned how to produce his own music since August of last year, SMOKI is a new trackmaker from Worcester, UK. Real name Sam Oakey, he first surprised me with a balmy and nocturnally charged remix of Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' - it's impressive, and for someone with just over a year's experience making music, it's even more impressive. Remixes are of course a wonderful way to get noticed; without meaning to sound disparaging, it's putting a personal spin on songs that everyone knows and loves, allowing one's creativity to flourish within the relatively safe boundaries of the essential elements of someone else's sound.

Originals, surely, are a better test of one's own musical footprint - and if it indeed were some kind of test, SMOKI would ace it. His latest tune 'Through The Night' is a flawless slow­-motion dive into a viscous pool of good vibrations; bubbling synths and xylophones lead us into a mellow-­hearted house beat with a smooth and groovesome baseline, where unknown vocal samples drop as mist­like puffs of pure daydream and warm chords reverb into the welcoming deep of the track. The chords layer up, summoning that open­ arms sun salute dream of endless summer that we'd all like to live, fading out as you will the track to continue. Lovely, laid­back stuff from a producer whom I hope will continue to grow and gain recognition for his talents.