For a massive nerd like me there is no greater feeling than hearing a great song for the first time. So when a massive nerd like me stumbles over a song like 'So So' by Oy they (or I) tend to lose my shit.

It's something to do with the contrasting sounds, when the drums come in and find their place amongst the cymbal taps, when the bass adds another layer, when the noise becomes as vital to the song as whatever the hell it is that draws me to it so intensely. Maybe because it flickers out as soon as it has started. It hits harder when you realise it's staying. The precision of such overwhelming confusion is so goddamn beautiful that I can't help turning the volume up until things are vibrating around my speakers.

I don't know anything about the band aside from what I could find on a Soundcloud link: "OY is a two piece band, Viktor Hansson (also of Holy Family, Mulekid) and Erik Berntsson (also of Holy Family, Slowgold), from Gothenburg Sweden."

I think the not knowing makes such an exhilarating song even more exciting, I think that's why the first listen is always so good, I think that this should be played on the radio and be called pop, but then I am a self confessed (insert whatever you need here).

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