As Soft Lit, Brooklyn, NYC Dwellers Tyler McCauley and Tara Chacón make retro-leaning dance pop songs that convert heartbreak and betrayal into buoyant euphoria.

Over the last two years, they've released three spare and expressive singles through Godmode (who introduced us to Shamir in 2014 prior to his XL signing), as well as also helping with production on Shamir's debut album Ratchet.

Of the three, their last single 'I Can't Help It' is the most focused. Tara's vocal melodies soar sky-high, and Tyler's club-ready instrumentation is all lean muscle. In short, 'I Can't Help It' is one of those jams that just won't quit. It's also as good an entry point as any into their new self-titled EP. You can buy it on itunes here. It also appears as part of Godmode's recent compilation album You're Been Sweating Wrong Your Whole Life.