Record Store Day may just be the most important annual "holiday", especially for collectors and vinyl geeks alike. Among the goodies this year, Pulp is making available a 12" vinyl single with their 2012 track 'After You' that includes a Soulwax remix of the track.

Where the original song is all driving rock beats and urgent bass lines, Soulwax handles the remix duties seriously and recreates the song with a more sinister vibe. The remix builds layer after layer, beginning with a snare drum beat as plinking keys grow louder, layering the chord progression in a percussive way. Tom drums pound their own complementary rhythm as Jarvis grunts. After almost two and a half minutes, the lyrics come in high in the mix, giving us all of Mr. Cocker's urgent delivery and breaths. 'After You' is transformed into a dark yet danceable club single here in Soulwax’s remix that spans eight minutes allowing for all sorts of glitches, echoes, and effects and always with that relentless dance beat. At one point near the end, there's a moment where the keys and bass are slightly off the beat and disorienting to the ear before they find their footing again.

The 'After You' Soulwax Remix is available for streaming via Youtube, although the video is minimal at best. Mostly shots of a turntable spinning this B-side interspersed with the blinking lights of a disco pineapple, you can put this on without having to worry about missing any visual elements.

Pulp have also confirmed they'll be teaming up with 2manydjs to DJ at the Shacklewell Arms in London this Saturday. Head here for more details.