As expected, Spazzkid's latest actual track is literally lovely. As recently as last week we had a new something-something from this LA-via-Philippines musicmaker, 'Promise' – taken from his upcoming EP of the same name – as remixed by the wonderful Japanese producer tofubeats. This time around it's just Spazzkid: pure and simple.

Again taken from the ever-imminent Promise EP, 'Goodbye' is the latest tasty morsel from Mark Redito (Spazzkid's irl name). It's excellent from the first few seconds, with steel pans plunking their palm tree sound to an increasingly fizzy bossa nova rhythm, before launching into its true waves of style combination, encompassing tropical city pop, cute synthesised sounds, restless juke and rich, reverbing vocals that speak of potential heartbreak in amongst this surprisingly exotic whirlwind of colours that Spazzkid paints for us along the way. Towards the end, with its hyper drum & bass vibe, it's basically impossible to not be moving your body to the beat in some degree.

Lush, pastel-coloured, totally refreshing, yet dearly familiar, Spazzkid's 'Goodbye' is more like a triumphant return of a track; the sounds are different, the structure is different, but it's still his voice - still his vision.

Cop Spazzkid's Promise EP when it drops 8th July on Magical Properties.