Wowing us just a few days ago with a mixtape made as a soundtrack for online shopping – via our very own Plastic Platform series – here is the wholesome dude himself Mark Redito (aka Spazzkid) with the first teaser from his upcoming EP.

It's like, the ultimate tease, because whilst it's a new Spazzkid track, it's actually a remix by Japanese producer tofubeats. (I love tofubeats; Lost Decade, his 2013 album, was fantastic – and the subsequent remix album is just as cool). And what a remix! Spazzkid's vocals – pitch shifted, chopped and reverbed into outer space – are clear and rich, weaving amongst the shuffling crackles of percussion, cradled in a sonic basket of softly booming infrabass. Bitcrushed melody sings out every now and again, with the track slowly building to a subtle drop, where vocodered lyrics and stuttering cosmic synth ache above the sparse sway of beat. Huge yet controlled, understated but stand-out, Mr Redito must be extremely happy with this remix, saying on Facebook: "Still feels very surreal being remixed by one of my favorite producers!"

This remix of 'Promise' is taken from the EP of the same name – dropping on fellow LA-dweller & producer Daedelus' label / touring platform, Magical Properties, July 8th.