Spice Boys are a foursome of fuming and effusive young men who connected in late 2015 and rapidly found their formula. The quartet's chemistry was sealed quickly and preserved on their debut EP Spice City in 2016, which showed a band with a clear dynamic and plenty of potential.

Spice Boys then decamped to their hometown of Umeå where, in a state of inspiration, they recorded 16 new tracks over the course of a weekend in 2016. Despite the speed with which they recorded the songs, the band are perfectionists, and they spent the next year re-working and dubbing parts until they had the final, finished 13-track album Glade.

Full of disaffected spirit and a double-headed attack from co-leaders Adam Forsberg and Sebastian Holmlund, Glade is a romp. With the additional psych-muscle from Jesper Lindkivst and Emil Uppenberg, their songs smash apart the limitations of the genre 'garage rock' and turn each song into a riot.

Here's what the band says by way of introduction to their album:

"Glade is a brand of air fresheners which in the restrictive drug policies of Sweden came to be one of the more popular sources of intoxication among the rural youth, where the content was sprayed into a bag and the fumes sniffed to the delight of bored teens and tweens. The propellant which had the sought after effects was later changed due to the abuse of the product and kids all over Sweden were forced to seek thrills from other sources. Glade dens turned rehearsal spaces for the bored and alienated is the propellant for our new record GLADE, an homage to our adolescence with hopes that the youth of today find ways to misuse domestic objects to their own pleasure."

Listen to the entirety of Glade below, ahead of its Friday release on PNKSLM.

Pre-order Glade from Spice Boys' Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud.