So far, the only substantial snippets of what Beyoncé has up her sleeve in 2013 that we have heard have been from adverts. First we had 'Grown Woman', in which Beyonce smashes up a bunch of mirrors that are clearly faulty, because she definitely wasn't wearing her Independent Woman, and then she just has some Pepsi to chill. Then we had 'Standing On The Sun' in which she writhes around on a beach in swimwear for H&M. 'Grown Woman' was released online last month and turned out to be far better than the advert could ever show us, mixing a fantastic afrobeat vibe with the typically sassy Beyoncé vocals to make something that it's almost impossible to not groove along to.

'Standing On The Sun', a proper version of which has just been released online, is a far more subdued affair than 'Grown Woman', yet not quite a ballad in the style of, say, 'Halo'. Premiering live in Belgium at the start of the month, this too has a bit of a Caribbean influence with a ballad chorus that if surrounded by simply pianos would be an almost carbon copy of 'Halo'. Luckily, it's everything else around it that saves 'Standing On The Sun'. It's not quite the fabled "ballad that is still a banger", but it's still ostensibly a ballad with a bit of groove to it; something to spice it up a bit. Beyonce is at her best when she turns things up to 11 as with 'Freakum Dress' but this is a nice middle ground; somewhere she hasn't really ventured all that much.

Despite us now having two full songs this year, we still haven't got a clue what's going on with her latest studio album. Not even a name or a partial tracklist have been released; we don't even know if these two tracks are going to be singles! Hopefully it will come in due course and hopefully she doesn't do a My Bloody Valentine and take 22 years to release another album which, at this rate, is looking likely.

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