I'm a total sucker for nostalgic samples – tug on me old heartstrings they do. Well, I say nostalgic, but I mean something closer to just "recognisable" if that's cool/fine to say. Though this one does happen to be nostalgic too; it's Navi, the fairy-guide from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (yes the full title), who adds her incessant "Hey!" and "Listen!" to this track by Austin, Texas-based producer, Stonewall Klaxon, beefed up with huge-room reverb.

In any case it's called 'Neon Swords' and aside from Zelda-themed sampling, there are other vocal samples pulled like putty in virtuosities of pitch-shifting, there are mile-wide synth chords, glistening chimes, insane and extreme vocodering, all set to a dynamic beat which employs space between each combined percussion and synth hit to make each blast of sound even more punchy.

This comes from Stonewall Klaxon's latest EP, released 13th October, also called Neon Swords. Get it on a name-your-price basis from his Bandcamp.