Little Rock, Arkansas duo joan have been providing us with the retro feels for the last 6 months or so, but their glistening sunshine sound always seemed more suited for summer. Perhaps that's why they have just released their debut EP portra at the height of the season, just in time to capture the carefree spirit.

That's not to say that joan's music is not filled with overly caring feelings, which can lead to big dramatic revelations. Along with previous favourites 'tokyo' and 'i loved you first', one of the other highlights is 'stop and stare', the kind of song that takes you right into a moment in time, already fitted with a perfectly hazy filter. In this arena, the duo relate their deepest feelings in the boldest terms, with the chorus of 'stop and stare' being their most emphatic to date. Check out 'stop and stare' and the entirety of joan's portra EP below.