Melbourne-based three-piece COVERS have shared with us their latest track, 'Strange Bird', which is "about our inability to be content with anything comfortable or mundane," says vocalist and producer Jimmy Allen. "It's a fairly personal song about being present and not trying to project my happiness on to future achievements which inevitably don't make me happy anyway."

It's a glistening slice of downbeat electronica, set to a steady pounding beat and slow-motion bass, with a soaring chorus that lands back in the plaintive sway of the track, synth arpeggios gleaming throughout like rays of light.

"We never set out to get a "sound" for any song, they just kind of take shape as we go along," the band tells The 405 via email. "I had recorded a demo of Strange Bird with a drum machine doing the minimal 808 electronica thing, probably cause I'd been listening to a lot of Four Tet. Juz [our drummer] just recorded rock ballad drums over the top and we went with it."

Listen to the track below.