'Oh my god Orchid Tapes are just killing it right now'

- Said everyone who isn't afraid to say 'killing it' in 2014.

Following the excellent Ricky Eat Acid album last month, Orchid Tapes are dropping this record by Arrange. 'Dropping' meaning 'releasing', and 'record', meaning album. Just so we're clear.

You can see a list of releases on the Orchid Tapes website, listen to any one of them, listen to all of them. You will find some of the greatest lo-fi music happening right now. Except it isn't lo-fi, it just isn't compressed beyond all feeling, music hacks are lazier than god - that guy only worked a week in his life.

Outstanding label aside, I don't know much about Arrange. Oliver (Editor) emailed me this song this morning when I said I'd only had a couple hours sleep and it kind of clicked. It's that slow build that gets me. I can't get enough.

I'm going to let you use the internet to find out whatever you need. I'm not even going to describe the song, although I'm supposed to do that. I'm going to assume that you'll listen and you'll get why I'm very much excited about the album Their Bodies In The Fog, which you can download from here and screw it I'll embed the thing. Listen to it below. It'll make this mid-week lull seem worthwhile.