The sound of summer now on a gloriously quasi-infinite loop here from Street Gnar - an electro-indie outfit from Lexington, Kentucky (USA, case you didn't know). As the sun begins to set on another scorching day, this song, 'Radio', streams in through orange-tinted clouds, the sea shining with waves moving in time with the stretched out endlessly reverbing vocals, as if these shimmering words are committed already to an intemporal age of feeling and nostalgia. Nameless, shapeless memories abound in this track, as the clean buzz of saw-wave bass vibrates beneath the addictive repetition of alternating sunny chords. It's a throwback, but it's new and it's tasty.

'Radio' comes from Street Gnar's album Blue Healer, out on River Girls – a seemingly brand-new label based outta Lexington, also.