This song is described as "dedicated to the anti-fascist movement" – and indeed it sounds as peaceful and connective as could be; inclusive, not exclusive. It really is a pretty track, glistening with music box sounds, clattering with glossy ball-bearing percussion, glitched-out sounds echoing into nothingness, the gentle pulse of a kick-drum as spacey washes of synth delicately cloud the track.

Simply put, this track is called 'Strength' and it is by Olaf Melander – a.k.a iLLer the Abstract Giraffe – a beatmaker originally from Malmö, Sweden, but who now resides in Falmouth, UK; I doubt (well, without searching for it obsessively) you will find a gentler, more restful, more humanistic track today, and definitely not one so suited as a cushion for the jagged start to a new week.

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