Ostensibly a juke/footwork producer and DJ, as Strictly For My CDJZ 2 illustrates, New York’s Kush Jones is perhaps more correctly located within a broader, and more amorphous dance music interzone where forms like techno, house, and perhaps even the crucial Baltimore/Jersey Club strands weave in-and-out of each other like traffic on a freeway.

Five songs long, Strictly For My CDJZ 2 sees Kush rubbing a diverse range of rhythms against squelchy synths, stuttered and looped samples, and trunk-thumping subs. Functional and fit for purpose, it’s a welcome USB stick inclusion for anyone interested in DJing across the axis of sounds and genres he unifies through his open-eared, toe-tapping work. Coupled with artwork created by Rainey Ovalle, it’s a hot lil package.

Kush kicked off his Strictly For My CDJZ series in June with volume one. Released independently through Bandcamp, the series serves as a counterpoint for him to releasing his music through record labels, a counterpoint designed to give him more control over his music and how he presents it.

If you enjoy what he’s doing on these volumes, you might also want to check out the track he created for footwork crew Juke Bounce Werk’s recent JBDUBZ Vol. 6 compilation.