Late last year when 'Infinity Street' began to make the rounds to familiar sites like Pigeons and Planes and The Guardian, the expected accolades began to fall out. Reiterations of "ethereal" began to spiral, as it seems to do so with pretty much any new indie pop act - legitimate or not. No word is abused more in the indie blog lexicon than "ethereal."

The plush pop of 'Infinity Street' has some merit in the aimless classification, regardless. As does 'Take It All Back', the newest from Australian singer Sui Zhen. The lifting '80s-centric atmosphere is endearingly simple and effortlessly charming, with Sui Zhen softly looking back to what things could have been.

Listen to 'Take It Back' below and look out for Sui Zhen's newest album Secretly Susan, coming via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.