It's so lovely to hear such beautiful music on such a beautiful day. Can't believe it's October tomorrow and it's still warm. Here we are now graced by the sounds of Sun Glitters' remix of 'HOWL', a recent song by new and secretive Oakland (California) duo Go Dark (who "met on the street in Oakland at night, stopped to watch the same street fight"). It's a scuzzy and experimental electro pop sound, filled with as much grinding synth as it is with unsettling vocals and lush beats – check out the odd video for that here.

"Met SUN GLITTERS in an alley on the Internet," say the mysterious duo. "Mr. SUN GLITTERS thought “HOWL” was lonely so he built it a sister. We LOVE him." And what a sister it is. Arrhythmic bloop-thuds kick behind off-kilter percussion, the wonky scaffolding for waves and washes of rich and gorgeously textured synth, as if scratched, ripped, knotted, pulled and evaporated on a spoon into a dizzy haze of sound. It finishes with the dusty lurching of record crackle, an organic end to this analogue dream.

The original 'HOWL' is taken from Go Dark's upcoming EP/VIDEOGAME (yes!) BitchSword, out 31st October. The game is actually really cool – here is an explanation of it from the duo themselves: "the Game, lets you WIN the BitchSword EP for FREE, 25% CHANCE you get 5 song version, 75% CHANCE you get the 4 song version," and in addition the "ART & MUSIC change every time you play! Never the same twice." Which is supercool.

The official link is (coming soon).