"We must be stars cos we can't stop reaching the sky," Swedish pop darling Sve croons on her newest tune 'Riot' - and she's well on her way to stardom with tracks as strong as that one and her previous banger 'Talking to the Walls'. It's got a huge, undeniable hook that's utterly brilliant, and could fit quite nicely alongside the Top 40 pop artists of the world.

It's the first of many releases we'll be seeing from the songstress over the next few months and I, for one, can't wait. She's well poised to take over the world, and you should get on board.

Listen below.

How did the song come about?

Well... I was sitting at my keyboard, playing random chord progressions on different synth sounds and out of my mouth came the melody and words "You're heart is a bomb set it off let me light it, your heart is a bomb....Let's start a ruh ruh ah ruh ruh iot." I tend to sing gems in the moment sometimes and not record them... so I made sure to keep singing it over and over and recorded it. I had played it for Kyle and he loved it. We then chipped away at making a verse melody together. It took roughly around 3 months to finish... taking into account writing, recording, and my other jobs. Essentially I was writing the song from two different places in my mind.

The main idea was to rewrite the meaning of the word "Riot". The focus is that if everyone stopped acting through fear, stopped disconnecting from one another, actually listened to one another we would make the world better. We are the only things that hold us back from our goals and dreams. It is a completely anti-violence song. The only fight you want to be fighting is with yourself.

Does you feel it represents your sound well?

I would say yes. There are elements in the song that tie in all the songs I have created so far.

How do you feel about Popjustice's write-up of the song in regards to songwriting?

Popjustice saying I could be behind a #1 hit in the next three years is amazing. Honored. Obviously I would love to be the artist/writer to have it out, but I am open to the idea writing for someone else. Right now I want to focus on giving myself a chance.

Is there someone you'd like to write for?

Oh well I have a list. I think about this all the time.... Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce - just because their voices can soar through space. Britney... because she is what I grew up listening to. One Direction... because I just love a good male pop group. And one song I would love to work on sometime in the future... would be a country/americana type song. I really love Alison Krauss and Patty Griffin... if they ever sang one of my songs I would probably faint.

Lastly, are you really a lifeguard?

Actually... I am not a lifeguard but I do work at an amazing baby swim school. I do not teach swimming, I am there to make sure everything runs soothly during the day. I love children, they are so inspiring and simple. They have no judgements of one another, they are unstoppable. You tell a child not to do something, and they will try every which way to get the thing they want to have/do. They act with curiosity and fearlessness. I think we sometimes lose that as we get older. That is why I wanted to write 'Riot', to basically remind everyone we are still unstoppable if we just set our BS and differences aside. Just love, listen, imagine, create, and have fun.