ShitKid, the best new name in the music game, is 23-year-old Sweden native Åsa Söderqvist. Unlike many of her fellow country counterparts, however, Söderqvist isn't wholly accompanied by pristine pop production. After moving from her hometown of Gothenburg and joining a punk outfit, the young artist began to dabble in her own highly unique work, eventually forming her own self-titled EP.

Recorded, allegedly, on a half broken computer, the EP is comprised of muddled lo-fi tracks that bleed proto-punk influence, helping her eventually landed her on Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings. After debuting a handful of tracks, Söderqvist formally released her EP with a bunch of additional ones - including 'RnR Sally'. Her first full-length album is set for release this winter.

Listen to 'RnR Sally' below and check out the ShitKid EP right now on Spotify and Bandcamp.