What would happen if you took that woozy Summer of Love sound that dominates most days out in the sun around when Tame Impala release a new record and shovelled on a hefty dose of soul instead of psychedelia? The answer would be SZA, who's back with another tracks full of laid back dreaminess and dripping with soul.

After her collaboration with Chance The Rapper on 'Child's Play', we now have another cut from her upcoming album Z. 'Sweet November' is everything we've come to expect from SZA, from warm, dreamy guitar lines and laid back percussion that all has a vintage flavour to them but, when coupled with SZA's swooning soul vocals, feels distinctively "now". If the rest of the album is like what we've heard already, this Summer will probably be spent lounging around in the dog days listening to Z without a care in the world.

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