It's interesting to observe the change and shift in hip-hop. Traditional hip-hop (whatever that is) will always be around but it's rather fascinating to witness the new sounds being crafting by a new generation of musicians while still keeping true to the heart and traditions of the genre. South London-based TailrMdeLvn's latest release 'Roguè // Lights Down Low' fits into this category pretty well - it's a future R&B-styled production with some heavy drum & snares and a deep pulsing bass line fusing together and experimenting with a number of genres. But it's his lyrics and delivery that remain true to the traditions of hip-hop on this with tight, witty bars. The latter half 'Lights Down Low' feels more like an interlude, again with deep bass and some strong drum work.

It's part of Tailr.Mde.Lvn's forthcoming House Party EP. In the meantime, you can download 'Roguè // Lights Down Low' for free via Toneden.