Here's a new one from London-based duo Antony & Cleopatra. It's called 'Take Me' and it's a tasty morsel indeed, moving through sections of rich cosmic synth chords, rhythmic bass bloops and glittering blips that pop colourfully in the reverb-laden spaces between sounds, a skittering beat highlighting a penchant for mild hyperactivity, with house-flavoured vocals fitting comfortable into the mix – a mélange of future-facing sounds and '90s-themed sensibilities.

Speaking about the track via email, the duo shared these words with us:

"Take Me exists in the liminal space between remix and original, between 90s and future, between bass and rave. Antony & Cleopatra draw heavily on the traditions of UK dance music, and this track is at its heart a shout out to all of their favourite elements. Diva vocals, breakbeats and dark textures combine into a track out of time, forward thinking yet honouring of the past."

It's out this week on Vitalic Noise.