We could scream in your ear about how anything released on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder Records is worth spending your money on, or the fact that Early Riser is one of our favourite releases of the year (so far), but to be honest the easiest thing to do would be to press play on the opening track. Seriously - if you're not crying with joy by the end of the 'Postpartum' then we can't be friends.

Taylor McFerrin debut album is available to stream in full below courtesy of NPR. It's released on June 2nd via Brainfeeder.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Postpartum
  • 2. Degrees of Light
  • 3. The Antidote (featuring Nai Palm)
  • 4. Florasia
  • 5. 4 am
  • 6. Stepps
  • 7. Already There feat. Robert Glasper and Thundercat
  • 8. Decisions feat. Emily King
  • 9. Blind Aesthetics
  • 10. Place in My Heart feat. RYAT
  • 11. Invisible/Visible feat. Bobby McFerrin and Cesar Camargo Mariano
  • 12. PLS DNT LSTN

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A 405 user sent us this comment about the album:

This just kind of music that I will spend my money on . I Love Music You Don't Hear On The Radio, Which Most of It Is So Overrated...I Give It A Ten. ( I Will Be Telling All My Friends..So Tell Your Friends ) - Felicia Woods