Many moons ago there lived a dream-pop band in Brighton who went by the name of Us Baby Bear Bones.

Creatively, they were ambitious - a DIY band in the truest sense. Everything they created, whether that be stage sets, custom artworks for each physical copy of an EP, websites; they did it themselves. The fact their songs were consistently excellent was just the cherry on top of the cake. Very quickly they became Brighton's next great hope.

Then something bizarre happened: they went on tour with Sophie Ellis Bextor and were never to be seen again. Now, we don't want to point fingers but we're 100% certain it's Bextor's fault. She can't be trusted with anything.

For now, we'll put our conspiracies aside and turn our focus to the first solo material to emerge from the ashes of UBBB. Elizabeth Gandolfo, the de-facto leader of the band, has returned reinvented. "TEEFF sounds like an unexpected, overwhelming affinity with a total stranger in the dim light of an ending party", she tells us over email. "It's intimate, uninhibited and enigmatic."

And for all that 'Sun Sets East' takes from early '00s R&B, it gives back with an otherworldly sensuality that sets her TEEFF project out on its own path. We'll be watching TEEFF closely in 2017. Listen to track below and catch TEEFF supporting CUT_ at Birthdays on 06/12.