Created as part of The Brio Life Project, where global artists and musicians come together to devise holistic work, Canadian producer Teen Daze has created an ambient soundscape that soothes the soul with new track 'Orange'.

Written in response to a CD cover created by the artist Sonny Kay, which in turn was inspired by Teen Daze's previous releases and depicts a kaleidoscoped landscape of the mountains meeting the sea at the turn of the day, the atmospheric piece is an aural exploration of connectivity that skilfully blurs the lines of where music ends and art begins.

The symbiotic relationship with Kay's artwork is evident, as Teen Daze fully embraces the theme of nature as influence. Underneath a haze of ethereal synth, piano and wind, there are sea and sky elements with distorted bird song and the distant crashing of waves intermixed with tranquil harmonies and intuitive peaks of activity.

There is mellowness to 'Orange' but at the same time a joyful optimism, neatly steering it away from sleep inducing as it peacefully unfolds and retracts. A soundtrack for reflecting upon the transition between light and dark times of day, this considered piece proves Teen Daze is natural at doing nature.

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