'Tell Me To Go' has no right to be three minutes long. In fact, even from the opening seconds, everything indicates that it'll come crashing to halt within a bloody, bruising minute.

There's punk spirit bleeding all over it, from the frenetic bassline to the deliciously spiky riffs, but it's drenched under huge walls of squealing feedback, recalling a beefier Hooded Fang or Bleached drowning in a puddle of sludgy lo-fi. Not unlike their counterparts, it's a track that conjures up images of summers past, of drinking cheep beer long into the evening with friends and the inevitable, illustrious sun-kissed glow that everyone seeks. 'Tell Me To Go' goes some way to providing it. Somehow, three minutes doesn't seem enough.

Listen below, and head here to out more about MiSTOA POLTSA.