As the title of this track - 'Groove Or Die' - implies, its general sound is one of intense groovement, severe swagger that enters your ears, skip jives into your brain and commands the rest of your body to literally groove or die. And it's Takoma Park (a suburb of Washington D.C) resident and creator of music, Terracotta Blue giving us this appealing ultimatum. There are many reasons why I'd rather groove than die and it's within this track that I find many of them.

The strong beat is something that really takes you away to that little dancefloor in your mind; you know the one: you can only get there thanks to an addictive beat and this is one such. Popping kick with snare-and-clap combo make for a wakeful set of drums, locking into the loop of the bassline's modern groove. Above this flies a funky, futuristic dreamscape: soaring trumpets intermingle with hollow organs and rolling, icy tuned percussion. Vocal samples join the party throughout like frenzied friends and by the end you realise you've been dancing ever more crazily the whole time, even though you're just sitting down. This is funky house, or housey funk, in an altogether authentic casing and its heart is full of rhythm and traditional flavour.

Charli XCX goes punk. Don't believe us ? Listen here.