As a tribute to the recent anniversary of the death of Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G, New York-based DJ Terry Urban has flipped both the late rapper's music and that of FKA Twigs for a delicious sonic cocktail: FKA Biggie. It's just about as cool as it sounds, preserving Biggie's words to a backing of chopped and skewed Twigs samples. 'Two Weeks In Cali' works particularly well, and so does 'Come Closer Poppa' (all of the tracks do actually), fusing the old and new quite seamlessly.

Listen to the whole thing below, and head on over to Terry Urban's Instagram for the free download link. It's not the first time Urban has voyaged into the realm of mash-ups: you should also check out Born Ready To Die, a splicing of Lana Del Rey and Biggie's albums.

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