Saxophonist and bandleader Kamasi Washington's 'Re Run Home' doesn't just summon the hot intensity of jazz, it is that hot intensity, it is perspiring under spotlights in a noisy room, it is wild whirlings and flailing dance — it's infected with groove, torrents of percussion whooshing and clattering, cymbals like lightning and feverish solos blaring. At the same time, it's imbued with a classic sophisticated feel and a smart Latin flavour, striking a balance between passion and restraint, breaking into extremes of each: surely jazz as it should be.

This 14-minute-long jazz odyssey is taken from Washington's upcoming album, The Epic, which is scheduled for release on 4th May via Brainfeeder. Different purchasing options can be seen over at NinjaShop.

  • Those playing on 'Re Run Home' are…
  • Kamasi Washington - Tenor Saxophone
  • Ryan Porter - Trombone
  • Igmar Thomas - Trumpet
  • Cameron Graves - Piano
  • Brandon Coleman - Keyboards
  • Miles Mosley - Acoustic Bass
  • Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner - Electric Bass
  • Tony Austin - Drums (Right Side)
  • Ronald Bruner Jr. - Drums (Left Side)
  • Leon Mobley - Percussion