The 83rd - responsible for crafting Angel Haze's 'New York' - lends his skills to the remix of Eryn Allen Kane's powerful 'Have Mercy'. The arresting track by Kane is given a subdued facelift by the Brooklyn-based producer. The minimalism in the production allows listeners to zero in on Eryn Allen Kane's soulful vocals, adding greater depth to the song's meaning.

"Music is all about the subtlety," writes The 83rd. "Knowing when and where, and most importantly just how to 'feel' is the most important thing a producer can bring to a session. It didn't stop there for me. It needed a bass tone that's so heavy and liquid that when it hits you feel it through your chest and down into your toes. Funny thing about that bass line? It was a one take. The lights were off, there was no grid, it all was happening too fast. I had to just grab the bass, lift my chin to the sky and with every piece of my soul play, and that's what came out."

Listen to the remix below.