Arriving courtesy of Tokyo-based label flau, here's Japanese producer/singer Noah with a brand new mixtape. It's called Mood and it acts as a taster to a full-length 'official' album, Sivutie, expected from the musicmaker in June this year.

The word here is noir – and lots of it. Her production style and the themes in her music can do nothing else for me but summon indefatigably slick nocturnal scenes, and always with a noir edge. There are the living-and-breathing loops and romantic jazz frenzies in title track 'Mood', a luscious bed of percussion and soulful vocals in the synth-founded 'Plerumque', decayed and damaged boom-bap echoing out of 'Ascenscion', which features the distorted voice and smooth flow of rapper Siddiq. These are sandwiched at both ends with the mixtape closer 'Face' – a dream-conjuring wash of ethereal vocals and explorative beats – and its opener, 'Take It Down' (the lyrics for this were written by Repeat Pattern, who also took the above photo), which is a swirling vision of late-night frosty urban settings.

The whole thing certainly exudes the sense of having been crafted with a loving touch, one that allows and encourages the decay to shine through; vinyl crackles to show up like a thousand starry pinpricks in a clear black sky, whilst fuzz and reverb whirl around like crumbled snowdrifts in a breeze. Peals of jazz-spirited brass blare out throughout these five tracks, sometimes furiously, as in 'Mood', but other times they're aching, sleepy, sultry, languishing long and lustful in 'Ascension', for example.

Noah is, as we discovered in an interview with her back in 2013, inspired by "romantic things like night scenes such as a street where the lamps glimmered in the rain on the pavement, and how that made me feel." Mood demonstrates that these abstract ideas still deliciously persist at the very imaginative heart of her music.

Listen to it in full below.