There's a general unwritten rule about albums released in the peak of summer. For whatever reason, despite maybe not even fitting the seasonal motif at all, those albums fall right into the annual summer playlist. Of which, is usually comprised of poppy and promising anthems. The Acid probably don't concern themselves with this.

The hyper-mystifying three piece group debuted Liminal, its first official LP. It's a bruising collection of numbing electro-based melodies that bridge somewhere between How To Dress Well's soaring romantics and Burial's nervy glitches. Tracks like 'Fame' are riveting and joyous, splintered with wondrous electronic visions. But that's at a stark contrast with tracks like 'Creeper', which is exactly what it sounds like it's about. Haunting and unflinching, it's a veritable opposite of that summer album rule, sticking with you like an ominous stare from afar.

Stream The Acid's Liminal below.