Little-known Stockholm/U.S. shoegaze outfit Swap Babies is, tentatively, in the early swaths of their career. But listening to the band's debut EP Bloody From Digging might give one pause, believing it had to be from veteran of the genre.

Initially recorded in 2014 at EMS Elektronmusikstudion and Beckholmen, the trio of Kali Malone (composition, guitar, voice), Konrad Agnas (drums) and Adam Grauman (bass) have an evidently refined sound, passing through waves of soundspheres with flaring guitars and dreamy vocals on the six track effort. Thee's a certain rawness, yes, but that rawness is keyed and tempered to allow the remaining elements to flourish on a welcomed, equal level.

Listen to the entire Bloody From Digging EP below, courtesy of Delicious Demon Records and XKatedral.