From the partial rubble of Washington D.C.'s hardcore instrumental trio Caverns, plus the infusion of some new elements, arises the capitol's newest genre-binding outfit with Flavor Waster, which has a debut album on the horizon.

The band's first major spin off the upcoming November release of It's Always Sunny When You're Cool is the continually swirling 'Delta', which meets soft and assuring vocals from lead singer Jodi Jones with a hyper-active melt of kinetic instrumentals those familiar with Caverns may have expected.

"The music really came alive once Martin (MacAlister, drums/percussion/backing vocals) and Jodi (Jones, vocals) got involved," says Kevin Hillard, who handles the band's guitar, synths, percussion, and programming. "Martin plays drums with a perfect blend of intensity and swing, while Jodi's voice sounds like a hybrid of Hope Sandoval and Melanie Safka. It lends us an entirely unexpected emotional dimension."

On the album itself, Hillard notes, "To me, this album is fueled by the constant tension that arises from trying to impose order onto the chaos of everyday life. The songs explore a lot of different thoughts simultaneously, and the hope is that we're eliciting multiple emotional responses within each listener." To which bandmate Patrick Taylor adds, "We want to melt your face, shake your ass, break your heart, and haunt your dreams ... all at once."

Listen 'Delta' below and look out for the band's full-length debut It's Always Sunny When You're Cool, set to arrive November 17th via School of Resentment Recordings.