23-year-old Los Angeles newcomer Maddie Ross has a lot of questions. "Would you rather: go back to middle school or be bitten by a dog?" "Would you rather: eat chocolate until it made you sick or eat anchovies until it made you sick?" "Would you rather: hang out with that one homophobic family member who thinks it's okay because they know you or be bitten by another dog?"

Those probably aren't meant to be completely answered, but it's a fun introduction to the upstart, who just released her newest single 'Make Me A Safe Place' via SoundCloud. Produced by Wolfy, 'Make Me A Safe Place' is a buzzy off-shoot akin to many of her open influences, such as Courtney Barnett. But the short energy jolt comes out a lot like a Mitski offshoot, and that's an emphatically good thing.

Listen to 'Make Me A Safe Place' below and look out for more music from Ross in the near future.