We already introduced you to Go Dugong and his ability in crafting glo-fi vibes and glitch-hop beats into wide, shoegaze-y soundscapes a few months back. In the meantime Giulio Fonseca, the guy behind the moniker, shared the stage with xxyyxx, Giraffage, Blackbird Blackbird, Beat Culture and Slow Magic on their Set It Off Tour, learned some new tricks and refined his sound.

He's now back with a brand new 7" on LabenStrasse Records that features a collaboration with associated Italian mastermind Life & Limb and, overall, the most punchy and enthralling Go Dugong tracks out to date. 'Carry A Flag' - the title of the new release - also comes backed with remixes from Un.Think, Death In Plains, Fortune Howl, Spies on Bikes and frequent partner in crime, Sun Glitters.

We're premiering both the sides of the 7-inch and giving away a free download of Sun Glitters' gloaming rework of the title track. Check them out, then pre-order Carry A Flag on vinyl heading here.