Ex-Battles member Tyondai Braxton has announced that he'll be releasing a new album soon. It's called HIVE1 and it arrives six years after his last solo effort, Central Market.

It's out 12th May. Until then you've got the rather experimental metallic squelches, whines and wails, the percussive polyrhythms of the dystopian creeper that is the nine-and-a-half minute long 'Scout1', the last song on the album. You can listen to that below – and below that there's the tracklist. But I'm sure your eyes can direct you there before even reading this. Enjoy.

  • HIVE1 tracklisting:
  • 01 Gracka
  • 02 Boids
  • 03 Outpost
  • 04 Studio Mariacha
  • 05 Amlochley
  • 06 Galaveda
  • 07 K2
  • 08 Scout1