Oooo there sure is some smoothness at work in this one. It's called 'a Song for Her' and it's by Will Sieberhagen aka tim legend, a musicmaker from South Carolina. A processional set of muted piano chords set against a bed of crackling ambience begin the proceedings, these are then expanded upon with glittering points of sound before we move into tracts of sparsely beat-laden goodness, fuzzy synth building the groove here, electronic piano sweeping jazz-flavoured chords over it like a veil of romance.

Though it feels at some stages as if it might drop into some huge synth chord section, it never does, and this low-key feel effuses a will-they-won't-they vibe of fresh love and cool yet smouldering sentiment that feels effortlessly done; listen below.

You can also download it for free via Supportify.