Do you want to hear something glorious today? Do you like Beck? The answer to both these questions is of course, YES.

Recently Mr Hansen introduced an entirely wonderful new track to the world. Titled 'I Won’t Be Long', the tune is like a waking dream soundtracked by The Information. Colourful and spacey, this is a standalone song not due (as of yet) to appear on either of his two forthcoming albums.

Beck also mentioned his plans to release a series of 12" singles, and this track is getting that treatment. The B-side of the vinyl has now been revealed to those who haven't bought the record as a near 15 minute version of the single, with loads of extra texture, and a delightful sprinkling of the forever kool Kim Gordon.

Listen to it now, because it might be the best thing you hear today. Or you can buy the vinyl. That ships internationally for a mere $17.50. So, for now, you probably won't.

Head here to give it a spin.