Well, holy shit, today just got awesome. Let it be known that on 4 September 2014 Aphex Twin finally released his first new song in 13 years, 'minipops 67 [source field mix]', and it is glorious. It's our first taste of his highly anticipated new album Syro, which drops on 22 September.

The YouTube description of the track says "This is the first Aphex Twin dong fore 13 years between the publication of the first a formal music." While it doesn't make a terrible amount of sense, you still get the point, and goddamn is it exciting. It basically sounds like the internet in all of the best possible ways, with bleeps and boops galore as Aphex's voice weaves in and out of the noise.

He'll be holding Syro listening parties all around the world around the time the record drops, and you can find all of the dates listed here.

Listen below.

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