Super spooky shit. A cluster of unsettling bleeps, ghostly murmurings, and confrontational, skittish beat with uzi hi-hats and rasping handclaps, all sunk in bumpy bass. Pitch-shifted vocals gurgle out like the collective voice of a trap house and screams cut the murky air occasionally as Freddie Gibbs lends his hazy flow to the music.

This is Freddie Gibbs and producer Mike Dean with 'Sellin' Dope' – I suppose a song called 'Smokin' Dope' would be less aggressive (or would it).

It's one of the ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO new tracks added to the already bulging and now very expanded radio stations on Grand Theft Auto V for the game's Xbox One / PS4 relaunch yesterday (19th Nov).

Also: You might like to know that Flying Lotus and Krayzie Bone unveiled a song for GTAV too, called 'Medication Meditation'.