If the slightly weird and very sexual Beyonce, which was a bit left field for the usual Beyonce output, was not to your tastes, and you yearn for something simpler, 'Standing On The Sun' might be exactly what you've been waiting for. Teased in a H&M ad last year - which was played about a billion times at her arena tour last year during breaks - 'Standing On The Sun' was never actually released and was dropped from the Beyonce tracklist. For a track made specifically for an advert, this is far better than whatever Muzak they're chucking on the DFS advert this week.

Co-written by the behind the scenes king and queen of pop, Sia and Greg Kurstin who have their fingers in so many pies the pie maker must be going barmy, it's a slinky piece of tropical pop that has a little hint of that left-field style that permeated Beyonce that we weren't quite used to. Of course, Beyonce's belting pipes are in fine form and the little reggae break changes things up nicely. You can see why it didn't make it on to the album, as it's more likely something you'd find on 4, but it is a cracking piece of smouldering pop.

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