The proverbial sounds of summer is usually entailed to be some kind of beach-side essence; breezes, sea birds, kids playing, waves, etc. And while that isn't totally off base, there's also the other side - the listless, long nights of driving with little to do other than peering at the stars. For the former, Prince Innocence have managed to capture a perfect soundtrack with 'Manic'.

The spacey slow-burner hums with a gentle, guiding bass as if it were born right in the middle of a 3am highway. On the effort, speaking with The FADER, the Toronto/Montreal duo notes, "'Manic' is about the experience of hypomania and the emergence from a depressive episode."

"It tries to convey the lush, cinematic lens through which someone in that state sees and interacts with the world," they continue. "At the same time, there's a dark recognition of the universality and banality behind these moments. It's definitely one of our most sexually-charged songs and is in pretty huge contrast to 'I Don't Care,' which was an ode to apathy."

Listen to 'Manic' below and look out for a new EP from the duo in the near future.