Icy synthpop indeed. Set to a jostling jounce of gently rocking rigid synth bass, Anna of the North sings a tribute, a lovesong, to her home city, Oslo, her endearing, heart-melting vocals singing out a chorus that includes these touching lines: "I never wanna leave you / I never wanna go / You're the warmth that's in my heart / And it makes me feel at home."

Gradually a slow-nod beat steps in, the song becomes beset with snowswirls of glittery synth, cold breath vocal samples singing out in a heavenly haze, becoming the perfect winter soundtrack to, not just Oslo, but any home city, or hometown (or even home village, let's not discriminate) that's particularly cold in winter, summoning the biting wind and early, streetlight-flecked nights whose chill is welcome for well-wrapped-up people venturing outside.

Listen below.