Our track of the day for today arrives courtesy of French musicmaker 20syl. In particular, it's his track 'Back & Forth' that's caught our attention; incendiary synths blaze forth along the track, bleep-clusters startlingly glittersome, all of it fluid and herded by its nicely accented slow-sway beat. It's interesting cause it moves in waves, progressing through its 3:39 duration with simple dynamics, rather than relying on absent-minded build-ups and drops. He also makes use of space, letting bloops do their bleeping in softly-softly sections, as much as he fills it with juddering uzi synth chords and stolen slices of vocal samples. And spatial awareness is very important.

Incidentally, this is taken from 20syl's Motifs II EP, out 11th May – you can pre-order it on vinyl if you like what you hear.