For those who may be unfamiliar with the U.S. Presidential campaign process, the entire endeavor is an exceptionally long, trivial pull through an endless cycle of entirely known "what ifs" that tend to end exactly as someone predicts. As the process begins, over an entire year before the actual November 2016 election, candidates from both parties must meander through each other, hitting talk shows, debates, and producing foot-fisted marketing that endears just about nobody.

The latest in the plausible pandering pantheon is Dr. Ben Carson, the GOP candidate and famed neurosurgeon who currently sits atop the national Republican polls who's also been in the news for his claim that the Great Pyramids in Egypt were used to store grain and built by Christian Biblical figure Joseph. In his ongoing campaign ABC News captured a confounding 60-second radio ad that will launch Friday, November 6th in eight different markets. Bits of Carson's speech are sampled in the safe rap ad, which was made to potential market to urban markets, so he doesn't actually rap in the promotion. No Madlib production here either.

Check it out below, or don't.