This one's a delicate number, a gentle rippling sea of sound, or an expanse of silk hovering with sunkissed folds and undulations above a rolling landscape. It comes from BARLI, a London-based "collaboration of like minded creatives from the east." (I can only assume east of London not east of the world).

The female vocals are soulful and rich with warm harmonies flitting over crushed drum sounds and expansive waves of ambient synths, underpinned by bass bloops that lend this track a molten between-worlds sound, a nocturnal hyperreality seems as much calm and collected trip-hop as it does space-agedly post-R&B, with the pop refrain, "I'm your rum woman, I'm your rum woman, I got you betting on me 100 to 1 woman" – nice rhyming and wordplay and stuff too.

Give it a listen yo.